Global Lead Developer for Data Science at General Assembly

Matt sat down with Translating Nerd in a conference room at the Washington, DC data science and programming school General Assembly. Matt teaches a re-occurring 12-week, full-time, data science program that takes data novices and transforms them into employment-ready data scientists. He discusses the data science pipeline, machine learning procedures and sticking points that students need to overcome.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.22.53 AM.png


Matt currently is a global lead instructor for General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive program in ten cities across the U.S and most enjoys bridging the gap between theoretical statistics and real-world insights. Matt is a recovering politico, having worked as a data scientist for a political consulting firm through the 2016 election. Prior to his work in politics, he earned his Master’s degree in statistics from The Ohio State University. Matt is passionate about putting the revolutionary power of machine learning into the hands of as many people as possible. When he isn’t teaching, he’s thinking about how to be a better teacher, falling asleep to Netflix, and/or cuddling with his pug.

How to contact Matt?

Twitter: @matthewbrems

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