World Bank to Front End Developer: Coffee with Andres Meneses

A couple months ago Andres Meneses and I sat down at a busy Adams Morgan cafe in the heart of Washington, DC to discuss his success as a frontend developer. Incredible to his story is how he navigated from a successful long-term position at The World Bank to a coding boot camp to gain a foothold in the web development world. His background is one of the many success stories popping up from mid-career individuals making a jump into the world of data science/technology development.



Bio: Andrés Meneses is the proud owner of the happiest dog in Washington, DC and a passionate pro-butter advocate. He is also a web developer, committed first and foremost to optimizing user experience. He involves users from the outset of all projects because, as he likes to put it, “There is nothing worse than working hard on a digital product that no one ever uses!” By leveraging his combined expertise in product and project management and digital communications, Andrés approaches his work by thinking broadly. Why and what does this organization have to share, and how will that information engage, inform, surprise, and help the intended audience? And how will the information best deliver tangible outcomes? Throughout his time working in all types of organizations, most notably his more than 10 years at the World Bank as a technical project manager, he never stopped learning and made the leap a few years ago into full-time web developer. Just like his dog, he has never been happier.


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