An interview with International Development Data Scientist, Anton Prokopyev


Last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with a fascinating data scientist who works in a large non-governmental organization that specializes in international development. Anton views data scientists as “forensic investigators” who have a responsibility to the community at large to develop repeatable and reputable analytical stories. 

Bio: Anton is a data scientist working in an international development organization in Washington, D.C., where he applies his programming and research skills to contribute to data-for-good goals. While Anton is a full-stack data scientist, meaning he works through a project from prototyping to production, he has a keen affection for natural language processing and text analytics. Prior to starting his data science journey, Anton worked in tech companies and Silicon Valley startups.





Anton’s favorite online resources:

Siraj Raval


Talk Python

Kaggle Kernels

ML Trainings


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